Why Healthy Digestion Is Important

Two common digestive issues people have:

  1. Not digesting/absorbing their nutrients
  2. Compromised digestive flora (overabundance of unhealthy bacteria)

Why Is Healthy Digestion Important?
Having a healthy digestive tract is important for one single and profound reason: Up to 90% of all known diseases including allergies can be traced back to an unhealthy colon. This is due primarily to the fact that the target ratio of 85% good bacteria to bad for a healthy colon is unfortunately reversed in many people. By the time we see clients who are exhibiting allergy symptoms the balance of good to bad bacteria in the colon has been compromised.

What Drives This Unhealthy Balance?
Consumption (over consumption) of or contact with the following substances can contribute to an unhealthy ratio of bad bacteria:

  • antibiotics
  • birth control pills
  • steroidal/hormonal drugs
  • chlorine/fluoride
  • coffee/tea
  • synthetic vitamins