Allergies Gotchoo….help is here!!!!

LIVING Well, eating well, moving well, thinking well

By Dr. Robert Neposlan

Sometimes it seems like we should have been born with tissues under our noses.  Believe it or not, an estimated 50 – 75% of the population suffers from allergies of one type or another.  Did you know that children miss more days of school due to allergies than any other health condition? What does this mean in terms of your child’s grades? Self esteem? And what about ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? Did you know that 89% of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in Western medical testing tested positive for food dyes? We have found these and many other common allergens in children.

In general, people who have allergies react to substances that may be harmless to other people.  Unfortunately, since most people don’t have immediate, violent reactions when exposed, it can be very difficult to identify the allergen.  It is far more common to have less dramatic—even subtle—reactions that occur hours or even days after eating, breathing, being exposed to or touching an allergen.  Some symptoms are so subtle and persistent that many people don’t even realize they are suffering from an allergy.  We find this to be especially true with our patients.

In our practice it is not only important to identify what you’re allergic to but to also correct the reason why. Avoiding eggs or shellfish, or getting shots to desensitize you to ragweed does not solve the underlying problem…what is the cause? Why is your immune system so confused that a harmless substance looks like a foreign invader?

We have found that many people have allergies or sensitivities to basic nutrients and foods.  These alone can lead to hundreds of different symptoms including asthma, attention deficit disorder, ADD/ ADHD, chronic congestion, fatigue, migraines, sleep disturbances and digestive problems etc. The problem is that some of these “allergies” compromise the basic function of our bodies. For this reason, once an allergy develops in many cases, it may not be long before other allergies appear.

Unfortunately, this often becomes a vicious cycle.  Your system is weakened due to illness or toxicity and you develop an allergy to something that has never bothered you before.  Every time you encounter that allergen, symptoms develop that further weaken your body. This is especially true if you have not yet identified the allergen and are not practicing avoidance. The unfortunate thing is that for many people more allergies begin to develop. And now, each time you’re exposed to a new allergen, this exposure further weakens the body.  Where does it end?  True desensitization does not require weekly shots in an allergist’s office; it comes from correcting the underlying energy imbalances (the cause) that exist in the body.

The good news is that…HELP IS HERE! Over a 13 year period, The Allergy Wellness Centre has developed an effective protocol for eliminating imbalances (the cause) that can lead to allergies and sensitivities.  Using state of the art computer technology, allergies are quickly and PAINLESSLY assessed.   Once tested, a treatment protocol (12 visits on average) is used to rebalance the body’s energy systems in the presence of the identified allergens. The exciting thing is that through this whole process there is no reaction, no reliance on drugs, no invasive skin testing and best of all… no pain involved.  In fact, the treatments can be described as being very relaxing. During this process, you will be under the care of Dr Margo Reilly a licensed Homeopathic Doctor. Her years of experience combined with a caring and professional attitude will see you through, from symptoms to a level of wellness many of our patients never dreamed possible!!!

Although allergies are extremely common, it is neither natural nor necessary to suffer from them.  You can correct them now and enjoy a symptom-free life. With the coming spring months…NOW is the time to act before we are in peak pollen season. Allergies to these items are much more difficult to treat when the body has no reprieve from the offending allergens!!! Act now.